Hey guys! I am back with another article about my No.1 serie, Teen Wolf. I am still not over the fact that there is no new season coming. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this!

1. Favorite male character(s)?
Image by 🦋 🌸 🥰 Image by 🦋 🌸 🥰
Derek Hale
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Stiles Stilinski
Image by 🦋 🌸 🥰 tyler posey, teen wolf, and scott mccall image
Scott McCall
2. Favorite female character?
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Lydia Martin
3. Favourite ship?
teen wolf, holland roden, and lydia martin image holland roden, lydia martin, and teen wolf image
4. Ship you like but won't happen
couple, derek, and gif image teen wolf, sterek, and wolf image
5. Favourite season?
dylan, gif, and season 3 image
Season 3
6. If you could bring back a character, who would it be?
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Allison Argent
7. Saddest death?
teen wolf, allison argent, and tyler posey image death, hunter, and oni image
8. Favourite villain?
gif, teen wolf, and holland roden image teen wolf image
Peter Hale
alpha, gif, and teen wolf image gif, teen wolf, and deucalion image
9. Favourite parent?
teen wolf, dylan o'brien, and stiles stilinski image gif, teen wolf, and tw image
Sheriff Stilinski
10. Least favourite character?
gif, teen wolf, and assbutt image Abusive image
Gerard Argent
11. Favourite friendship?
Image by L I V teen wolf, scott mccall, and tyler posey image
Scott & Stiles
12. Favorite Supernatural Creature
teen wolf, tyler posey, and scott mccall image alpha, gif, and gifs image
13. Favorite secondary character(s).
Image removed gif, serie, and teen wolf image
Parrish Jordan & The Hellhound
boys, crush, and Man Crush image teen wolf, liam dunbar, and brett talbot image
gif and teen wolf image Image removed
14. Favorite funny moment(s)?
teen wolf, stiles, and funny image teen wolf, stiles, and scott image
Sarcasm queen.

This is all. Stay tuned for more!