Hello beautiful people out there!

I always loved the idea of having a diary so I can write down my thoughts and memories and relive them by reading the diary after years. It can make you smile because you can remember the good times you had but it can also make you stronger because you see that you have survived the bad times you have had in the past and you do not have to worry about some things because they will turn out just fine.
Still I never managed to write in a diary for more than 3 days.
I am in Croatia right now and I want to save the memories I gained here, but since writing in a diary isn't for me, I thought I could write an article about what I did here and maybe this is an inspiration for some of you what y'all can do when you are at the beach.

So here is what I did in Croatia:

Go swimming

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Rent a boat

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We don't have a boat so we just rented one

Rent a jetski

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I always wanted to do this and this year I was finally able to!!!

Go fishing

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Well, there is just no vacation for the Fishers without fishing. We put all the fish back into the water btw.

Trip to the city

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I just love exploring cities in foreign countries.

Well, this is what I did the last 7 days. There was a lot of action so I'm looking forward to spending the last 4 days just reading at the beach and getting tanned.
I hope you have a nice summer vacation and thank you for reading.