Now United is a global pop music group created in December, 2017 by American Idol creator Simon Fuller, and is managed by XIX Entertainment. The group consists of 14 members, each of a different nationality.

Heyoon Jeong.

From South Korea. Was born 1 October 1996 (age 22).

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Sina Deinert.

From Germany. Was born 24 August 1998 (age 20).

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Sabina Hidalgo.

From Mexico. Was born 20 September 1999 (age 19).

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Lamar Morris

From UK. Was born 1 December 1999 (age 19).

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Krystian Wang

From China. Was born 22 January 2000 (age 19).

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Josh Beauchamp

From Canada. Was born 31 March 2000 (age 19).

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Diarra Sylla

From Senegal. Was born 30 January 2001 (age 18).

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Noah Urrea

From USA. Was born 31 March 2001 (age 18).

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Joalin Loukamaa

From Finland. Was born 12 July 2001 (age 18).

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Hina Yoshihara

From Japan. Was born 12 October 2001 (age 17).

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Shivani Paliwal

From India. Was born 13 March 2002 (age 17).

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Bailey May

From Philippines. Was born 6 August 2002 (age 17).

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Any Gabrielly

From Brazil. Was born 9 October 2002 (age 16).

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Sofya Plotnikova

From Russia. Was born 23 October 2002 (age 16).

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At the moment the team is looking for a new participant who will represent Australia.