Hey there, I’m Bala Music, Bala Rapper I’m an artist living in Chandigarh named as bala, bala music, bala rapper. I am a fan of music and I introduced my self through rapping in my songs. In my point of view Rap is a data of your life, its depend upon you, how you represent it.
My songs are Rap battle in lgc college, Honda city | neha kakkar bhemia| Bala rapper, Muqabla English Rap Song J.HIND | Bala Music | Bala Rapper , I’hv to grief to write a Rap songs and the articles. Rap is regularly connected with hip-hop music, however the roots of the wonder originate before hip-hop culture.You can listen to my music on my channel.
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Website ~ https://balarapper.blogspot.com
Youtube ~ https://youtu.be/Ksnobfe7N4M