"When they ask me what have I done to save my planet I want to say I did everything I could"

Our planet is in need of our help and everything we could do to help it we should at least try. There are many ways to help reduce pollution, a lot of brands with reusable and eco friendly products for our day to day.
The problem isn't in our lack of resources but in our lack of knowledge.

Me and my best friends have been for a while now very attentive in regards to our use of plastic or our eco friendly choices so we have decided to create a blog to transmit our knowledge to everyone who is interested in learning.

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  • Who Are We?

We are nothing more then five Portuguese college students who are worried for the future of our planet. A group of five very different people who decided that they should at least try to make a difference as small as it may be. We are artist and scientist who came together to try and better our world.

  • What Is Our Blog About?

Our blog called Alerta Verde is about all time of ecological matters. We have a section with tips for an alternative and more eco friendly lifestyle that shows not only products that we could get to replace the ones sold in big chains that are not reusable, but also recipes for healthier home made alternatives not only vegetarian but for anyone in general.
We also have a section were we will post dates for the beach cleanings or the parades. One about curiosities with the goal to educate people.
And a section about different stores that are based on ecological principles.

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  • Where Can You Find Us?

You can find our blog on Wix or with this link https://alertaverdeblog.wixsite.com/alertaverde
You can also find us on Instagram @alertaverdeblog were we will post about the places we go to and were we will let everyone when there is a new post on the blog.

Our blog is in Portuguese since that is our language but if you are still interested in seeing it we would really appreciate.
On our Instagram we will wright our post both in Portuguese and English so we can reach more people.

  • Our Aesthetic:
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Together we will make a difference for us and the ones who will came after us