I am so ready for autumn! Don´t get me wrong, I love summer and everything, but autumn is when my fashion-loving heart beats the fastest.
My fashion has changed quite a lot. At least in my head...it hasn´t really changed in real life. Until now!
So, I have realized what my style actually is! I have had some problems with finding what´s right for me. But this time, I think it´s finally happening!

I just realized that my intro is very confusing, but we´re just gonna roll with it!

These pictures and advice on how to dress retro will hopefully help you if you wanna dress like me! Or, like I want to dress. I don´t actually dress like this. Yet!

Neutral colors

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You can obviously dress in bright colors to look retro as well, but my go-to is a neutral palette. I love colors as well, but whenever I choose colored clothes, I make sure the color is light and maybe looks a little washed out. Brown and burnt orange is the best color to make a boring outfit look more put together.


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Corduroy is the. absolute. best. fabric. ever. You can never go wrong with a pair of corduroy pants or dungarees. I, personally only own two items in this fabric. A skirt and a dress. I did recently order two corduroy pants though!
These are the ultimate retro clothing item! They are so comfortable and so cute. I would personally go for a neutral pair, but they look so cute in colors as well because the colors are usually not so saturated.
You can literally pair corduroy with anything! If you don´t feel like putting much effort into your outfit, just throw on a pair of corduroy pants and a t-shirt and you´re good to go!

Graphic tees

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Graphic tees are a must! If you don´t feel like thinking about what to wear, and just wear something comfortable, grab a graphic tee and a pair of pants. You look so put together but still really casual. I own way too many graphic t-shirts. It´s not healthy.
I regret nothing!


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There are so many options for retro jackets out there! To be honest, I think you can make any jacket look retro if you style it the right way.
But some great jackets to own is jean jackets with the fuzzy collar (I don´t know what it´s called). It´s not a winter jacket, obviously, but for spring and fall, it´s perfect. For winter, I would suggest the bear jacket. It is important to know what a good quality bear jacket looks like though! I have seen some that look almost plastic, or like they have been washed in the washing machine too much. It all comes down to your personal preference of course, but just make sure you really like the texture before you buy it!


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I love sweaters! They are so comfortable and at the same time, so cute! As you can see, you can style sweaters in so many ways. My favorite is to style it under dungarees. If I want to tuck the sweater in my pants, they can´t be chunky because I don´t like the feeling of a chunky sweater under my pants. That sounds kinda weird somehow but I think you get it. I love sweaters with a zipper from the collar down to your chest. Those are really cute!


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With turtlenecks, especially black ones, you can look so classy, retro, modern, whatever you want! They are timeless and it all comes down to how you style it. If you style it with corduroy pants and with a bear jacket, you will achieve the retro look! I promise.
Turtlenecks in any color is a must!

Thank you for reading all this way! I hope this article helped you. It honestly helped me while I wrote it!

I have this collection of fashion inspiration: