aesthetic, disney, and princess image aesthetic and pig image aesthetic, disney, and hawaii image flowers, hair, and aesthetic image
Moana : strong , leader , loves adventure , stubborn.


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Elsa : very stubborn , strong willed , cares for the ones she loves , confident.


rapunzel, tower, and aesthetic image girl, nature, and aesthetic image aesthetic, flowers, and green image Image removed
Rapunzel : loves change and adventure , outgoing .


apple, snow, and snow white image snow, eye, and winter image princess image castle, snow, and winter image
Snow white : kind and caring , always there for her friends.


aesthetic, aladdin, and animation image beautiful, blue, and girl image aesthetic, aladdin, and blue image Temporarily removed
Jasmine : likes attention , risk taker , stands up for what she believes.


mirror, gold, and aesthetic image aesthetic, beauty and the beast, and belle image Temporarily removed beauty and the beast, belle, and aesthetic image
Belle : loves learing new things , can be quiet and distant but once she gets comfortable she can´t stop talking, judgemental.


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Anna : very loving , enthausiast , kind hearted.


aesthetic, disney, and mulan image aesthetic, asian, and character image Image removed aesthetic, mulan, and red image
Mulan : loyal and loving , strong , emotional and private.


bird, sky, and photography image mermaid, ocean, and sea image mermaid image hair, red hair, and redhead image
Ariel : daydreamer , always thinking of bigger and better things , emotional and caring. loves adventure and seeing new things .


aesthetic, black, and hair image hat and tattoo image Temporarily removed aesthetic, dark, and disney image
Tiana : hard working , ambitious , going after her dreams,


green, aesthetic, and nature image aesthetic, cartoon, and childhood image aesthetic, art, and beige image Temporarily removed
Pocahontas: protective , dont want her feelings hurt .

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