Thimphu is the largest capital city in the kingdom of Bhutan and is one of the most stunning valleys of Bhutan to be visited once for a lifetime experience.

A must place to visit for senior citizens
It offers traditional sights and flavor, Thimphu offers the sight of many landmarks, monasteries, temples and market experiences which is very much apt for senior citizens.

You can explore the city on foot or travel to nearby destinations for Thimphu local sightseeing. You will also get the sight of people walking in the streets in traditional dresses and also find peace in the lovely capital city of Thimphu.

Why senior citizens must visit Thimphu?
Bhutan is a place which must be visited by every traveler to witness its unique blend of tradition with a pinch of modernity but Thimphu is a must place to visit for senior citizens.

Witness the religion
Explore the monasteries and temples for a spiritual refreshment
Feel the calm and pleasant weather
Experience the tourist attractions
Savor the finger-licking dishes
Witness the culture and tradition
Get a chance to meet the royals
Lastly, buy souvenirs as a memory to remember forever
Did you know?
There is a long history of Thimphu but to frame it shortly there are few points of knowing how Thimphu turned into a metropolis. It was started by

Constructing the Changlimithan stadium in 1974
The old pseudo-feudal system was reformed
Introduction of legislative, executive and judiciary reforms
The shifting of the capital of Punakha to Thimphu
The fourth king opened the country for development in which India had a helping hand
Bhutan joined the Colombo Plan in 1962
Joining of Universal Postal Union in 1969
Finally, it turned into a metropolis with rapid expansion in diplomatic missions and organizations
Places to visit in Thimphu for senior citizens:
If we avoid the steep places of Bhutan then there are many places to visit for senior citizens with a trusted travel agency in Jaigaon to explore the beauty of Thimphu.
Overlooking the city of Thimphu, Buddha Dordenma is a beautiful sight to visit for senior citizens. This temple was built for the prosperity of the nation and there is a statue of 51 meters tall Buddha which is a popular tourist attraction of Thimphu.
It is the house of Language and Cultural studies of Bhutan built in the 16th century. It consists of many wall paintings and carvings which are made of wood. You should also not miss out the ones carved near the prayer wheels.