Introduction to Robotic Revolution

The Robot Revolution has been carried out for decades and transforming jobs in the Workplace, Health Care and Manufacturing Units Etc. The Speedy rise of robots will not only drastically revolutionize the Workforce but can also work alongside people. Robots can work more efficiently & precisely but certain jobs still require a certain level of Creativity, Emotional and Social Intelligence. Human interference is required in this case and cannot be relied on Machines.

Below is one example where Robots welcome guests at the new eatery in Hyderabad. Also, the Restaurant serves the food to customers through robots. Slowly Robotics is evolving in India and in near future robots may soon run the luxurious hotels also.

Driving force of the Robot Revolution

Asia is leading the way for Robotic Revolution. These are the listed top five Major Markets in the world representing 73% of the Total Sales volume in the year 2017: China, Japan, South Korea, the United States, and Germany. China is by far has the biggest Robotics market followed by South Korea and Japan.

As per the Latest reports, Japan wants to generate almost $22 billion in sales from Robotics by 2020. Japanese Society is welcoming to use different kinds of robots in Homes, Hospitals, Hotels Etc.