Data science is the advance technology which reduce the human effort and make things easier which involves coding, mathematics, statistics and some of the techniques such as machine learning, data mining and visualization. Data science is categorized into two types namely structured and unstructured data. Structured data contains numbers, dates. Whereas unstructured data contains text, video and mobile activity.

Data science is the integration of artificial intelligence. Data science is used to solve the complex problems in a simple way. Data science will help to explore your business. Let me put in a better way, If a customer shopped something from you in his past, so based on the customers previous browsing history and the data we had we can customize the products to him and there is less chance of losing the customer.

The beauty of data science is automated cars, Imagine your car is taking you to your home without any human need. Car can receive the data from sensors and drive accordingly and results in decreasing the accident rate. The most consideration thing in data science is prediction of the natural calamities. we can save many lives by using this technology.

Data science plays prominent role by doing proper route planning so that customers will get the flight for desired time and duration. Predictive analysis will be made by using data science to foretell the flight details. Data science is also used in logistics like to use the shortest way possible and better way to ship the products.