- Aries -

lowell, the society, and toby wallace image
Campbell Eliot
bang, finger, and hand image hair, aesthetic, and tumblr image Temporarily removed tattoo and aesthetic image
- Impulsive
- Dominant
- Childish
- Independent

- Taurus -

the society, alex fitzalan, and harry bingham image
Harry Bingham
aesthetic, boy, and hair image bus image room, mess, and messy image Temporarily removed
- Lazy
- Passionate
- Stubborn
- Materialistic

- Gemini -

the society, jacques colimon, and will leclair image
Will Leclair
eye, aesthetic, and eyes image music and alec benjamin image bed, theme, and aesthetic image couple, kiss, and love image
- Indecisive
- Brainy
- Flexibile
- Charming

- Cancer -

the society, becca, and gideon adlon image
Becca Gelb
Image by 🌻🖌️🎨𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕠𝕟 𝔻𝕒𝕣𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕘🖌️🎨🌻 Image by larissa broadway, climbing, and equal image eye and eyes image
- Sentimental
- Adaptable
- Moody
- Protective

- Leo -

the society, kathryn newton, and allie pressman image
Allie Pressman
girl, hair, and braid image school and trip image ariana image Temporarily removed
- Enthusiastic
- Determined
- Loyal
- Responsible

- Virgo -

the society, rachel keller, and cassandra pressman image
Cassandra Pressman
female, quotes, and strong image Temporarily removed girl image Temporarily removed
- Sympathetic
- Modest
- Pratical
- Perfectionist

- Libra -

the society and sean berdy image
Sam Eliot
aesthetic, bad, and girl image plants image fashion, gay, and model image Temporarily removed
- Sociable
- Fair
- Carefree
- Forgiving

- Scorpio -

LUke, tv show, and netflix image
Luke Holbrooke
Temporarily removed football image night and friends image netflix and the society image
- Intuitive
- Manipulative
- Competitive
- Ambitious

- Sagittarius -

the society, grizz, and jack mulhern image
Grizz Visser
friends, forest, and photography image shoes, aesthetic, and converse image bed, boys, and couple image green and plants image
- Optimistic
- Philosophical
- Explorer
- Generous

- Capricorn -

the society, helena, and natasha liu bordizzo image
Helena Wu
beautiful, bridal, and feminine image book, girl, and reading image church, aesthetic, and Catholic image Temporarily removed
- Realistic
- Caring
- Cold
- Diplomatic

- Aquarius -

the society, kristine froseth, and kelly aldrich image
Kelly Aldrich
vintage, girl, and 35mm image Temporarily removed study, doctor, and medicine image hair, fashion, and classy image
- Friendly
- Suprising
- Humanistic
- Helpful

- Pisces -

the society and olivia dejonge image
Elle Tomkins
aesthetic, blonde, and bath image Abusive image aesthetics, all stars, and converse image Temporarily removed
- Romantic
- Imaginative
- Soft
- Escapist