14 Really

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I really don't like Really. Pun intended. The chorus is just bad. Lisas raps are fire tho.

13 See u later

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See u later is actually a very good song, but every part except the chorus seems kind of forgettable to me.

12 Kill this love

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This song may be surprising being ranked so low, but there's so much I don't like about this era. The MV was great, but I hated most of their stylings, like who did Jenlisas makeup in the second rap part?? I really love the chorus and the instrumental of this song, but it felt too short. Also that dancebreak is a downgrade from DDU-DU-DDU-DU, sorry. No actually I'm not sorry.

11 Forever young

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I looove Forever young, I really do, but I just listened to it so much I really got tired of it. Also the Whattabumbum part got really boring so quickly.

10 Don't know what to do

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I feel like I'm pissing off a lot of people by ranking DKWTD 10th, but I just feel like its overrated. Of course the vocals jumped and omg, Jisoo got lines. The choreography was satisfying too, but it's one of my least favourite songs.


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I really enjoy this remix, I actually prefer the rap parts in this remix over the original songs, but it gets a little boring after a few listens.

8 Stay

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Stay is art, the vocals kill me evertime I hear this song. Also Rosé with a guitar? And Lisas short blue hair? Ugh this song gave us so much, I want to thank YG in the name of all blinks for releasing this. We stan.

7 Kick it

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I knew that Kick it would be a bad bitch song after the first beat drop in Jennies line, and oh boy, I was right. Kick it is a whole bop, I'm in love with the bridge at the end. Also have you listened to the hidden vocals? If not, go open youtube, listen to it, and then come back to finish this article. Just trust me.

6 Boombayah

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Boombayah is so good, especially for a debut song. I love the outfits, the raps, the vocals, the choreography, simply everything. Please YG, give red haired Rosé a comeback, I'm desperate for it.

5 Playing with fire

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Playing with fire was a win for Blinks, we got the best choreography of Blackpink ever made, that incredible rap of Lisa, that MV. Also: Rosés vocals, I'm speechless.

4 As if it's your last

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There was a time I didn't like this song, younger me, WHAT WAS WRONG WITH YOU? This song has such a great concept, Blackpink killed that whole cute and bubbly thing. The chorus is so much fun, the choreography looks cute and the Pinks seemed so happy and healthy performing AIIYL.


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I know a lot of people find 4D boring after a few listens, can't relate. I must've listened to it 300+ times at this point and I assure you I'm still dancing my heart out every single time. Everything was on point this era, the outfits, the MV, the dancebreak, omg the dancebreak, iconic.

2 Hope not

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Hope not is by far the best sidetrack of Blackpink, it's not up for discussion. They manage to literally make me cry by their voices alone, that's how powerful this song is.

1 Whistle

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So, nothing is ever going to top Whistle. Thanks for coming to my ted talk. First of all, it has my favourite MV in the entire kpop industry. Second, the whistle in the instrumental. Third, the rap parts!! I could go on, trust me.

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