helloo. I'm here to share the songs that have basically been my soundtrack for july.

note: these weren't necessarily songs that were released in july just songs that i've been listening to throughout the past month.

brockhampton - gold

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jaden, willow - summertime in paris

Image removed beach, sunset, and summer image

rejjie snow - oh no!

kiss, love, and couple image Adriana Lima, experimental, and fashion photography image

jorja smith - blue lights

alex, netflix, and the society image Temporarily removed

c, tangana, alizzz - para repartir

Image by tenderlygirl heels, mirror, and shoes image

haroinfather - mia wallace

mia wallace, pulp fiction, and uma thurman image mia wallace, aesthetic, and pulp fiction image

doja cat - so high

Temporarily removed Abusive image

and that concludes july's playlist!
I hope you'll check out some of these songs,

have a good day