14 Rookie

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I hate everything about this song. The MV, the song itself. I get a heartattack from it, and not bc its so good.

13 Zimzalabim

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The chorus is actually kinda good and I like the choreography, but that song is just bad. I'm sorry.

12 Be natural

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Be natural really isn't a bad song, but it just feels basic to me, idk.

11 Red Flavour

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The song is actually pretty good, but that mechanic voice saying Red Flavour in the chorusjust ruins it all for me.

10 Dumb Dumb

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Now we reached the songs I like. Dumb dumb is pretty good, and I'm in love with the MV, but I really can't listen multiple times to this song because of the "dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb..."

9 Power up

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I really like Power up, it's one of my favourite summer songs, but I'm not 100% sure how i feel about the ba-banana-bananana.

8 Automatic

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I really really enjoy this song, there's nothing more to say.

7 Ice cream cake

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I love Ice cream cake, especially the rap parts, such a bop.


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I really like the concept they went for here, and the song and MV is very good. Also can we talk about the choreography? It's fcking amazing!

5 Happiness

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I really wish Yeri was in that song :(. To the song, I don't really like the chorus part that much but the rest of the song is a bop, especially Wendys "Shine on me". (But what was that hair?)

4 Russian Roulette

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To be honest I don't understand why I like this song so much, but I do. The concept was funny and yet kinda dark? Also we got Wendy in hoops.

3 One of these nights

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Okay so now this song, this song is art, I love it. Play it at my funeral pls so Red Velvets vocals in this song will guide me to heaven.

2 Bad boy

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Bad boy is THAT song. Their stylists finally did their job for once, and they did it perfectly. The bad boy era is probably my favourite era of any group era. Everyone looked so good and the live stage outfits were just awesome.

1 Peekaboo

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Everything about Peekaboo is perfect, the song, the instrumentals, the choreography, the Outfits (I mean those rainbow dresse, cmon). I love the MV and its concept. Stream Peekaboo y'all.

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