Hi everyone!

So this is my first article and to be honest I totally stole the concept to another person but I don't remember her/his username...
Anyway, this is my "if i were a".

if i were a:

c o l o r

wallpaper, waves, and black image

p l a c e

beach, summer, and sea image

f l o w e r

rose, red, and flowers image

f o o d

bacon, beautiful, and delicious image

s o n g

grammy, nasa, and needy image
girl, Kendall, and i dont care image

a n i m a l

elephant, animal, and nature image

s m e l l

cloud, music, and perfume image

q u o t e

light, neon, and quotes image

d r i n k

champagne, girl, and glass image

c l o t h i n g

coat, fashion, and gold image
black, blazer, and casual image

t v - s h o w

alex, couple, and gif image
aesthetic, alternative, and background image
stranger things, finn wolfhard, and eleven image

That's it!
Thank you for reading!
Feel free to re-do this article with your things!

Have a nice day :)

Elena <3