since i am super addicted to Tik Tok and i just discovered, that none of you ever made a article like this, i had to do this like there was no way around lol.

Please don't judge me and if so, screw you bc one day i am going to be famous and then you can squeeze my ass or rather kiss my butt.
No, seriously, i didn't mean it I am a piece of garbage, there is coming trash out of my mouth sooo let's better start this article or you will prolly loose your mind.

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✿ # Bitch - Allie X

Image removed alone, isolation, and The Sixth Sense image grunge, quotes, and voice image blue, aesthetic, and rain image

✿ # Wait a Minute! - Willow

Temporarily removed Image by myprettylittlethings ♡ aesthetic, couple, and skate image aesthetic, fashion, and grunge image

✿ # Welcome to New York - Taylor Swift

city and girl image aesthetic, alternative, and america image new york, retro, and vintage image vintage, retro, and aesthetic image

✿ # Olivia - One Direction

Playboy, aesthetic, and magazine image Image by Акула Кристина Анисимова aesthetic, house, and tumblr image red, lipstick, and lips image

✿ # Fake Happy - Paramore

aesthetic, girl, and hair image Inspiring Image on We Heart It yellow, aesthetic, and window image Image by Maeva Drew

✿ # i wanna be your girlfriend - Girl in red

bird, ocean, and sea image blue, clouds, and pink image aesthetic, art, and blue image Temporarily removed

✿ # It's you - Ali Gate

Temporarily removed Image by ✄ Abusive image Abusive image

✿ # Tunnel of Love - haroinfather

skate, boys, and pool image Temporarily removed boy, couple, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed

✿ # Needs - Verzache

girl, pale, and aesthetic image aesthetic, sky, and blue image Temporarily removed scream, horror, and movie image

You are free to view all the tik tok songs on my playlist: (:

have a nice remaining thursday! weekend is almost there!