┊I started writing this article because I couldn't keep to myself anymore how in love I am, and how fast it happened.

He's name is Diógenes, it's a Greek name, it's means "Son of Zeus", I call him Joy, as a nick name, sometimes "love" works too. He is my singing teacher, we met in my first music class about two months ago.

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He got dark brown hair and eyebrows, expressive rounded eyes, a large back and strong shoulders. He's really taller than me, and can play violin and my heart very well.

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"Joy" is the same as happiness, please, delight. This can definitely describe him as my new favorite company.
We love to talk about silly funny things when we're together, go to the movies and put our hands inside each other clothes

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I'm blonde, I like when his hair is messy. He gives me what I want , 2, 3, times, everytime, but maybe he shouldn't cause that would be bad, that would be so bad.

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He's touch is different, he makes me lose my mind when he bites my skin, kisses my neck. I wanna be real to him, I want to be honest and easy, romantic and sassy.

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We take a lot of car rides, he said he likes it when the windows are blurry. My legs shake when he's at my front door, with his guitar on his back. I'm just so in love with my teacher. and now he's my best friend too.

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When we sing together it feels like a movie, or a fairy tale, i'm worried he's not in love with me too, I can't be sure yet, but I feel like I am in love already, and it happened so fast that it makes me nervous I'm not in control of eveything anymore.

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