Many people including myself struggle with self-love. Today I am going to write about what I have learned and talk about skills you can use to have more self- love.

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How can you give love to others if you do not have love for yourself? Sometimes we forget to take of yourself and give too much, it can be draining and overwhelming physically and mentally

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Do you have a support group? A support group is made up of people who support you and help you through many things from healing to a mental illness. If you are not sure of the people in your support group, it would be a good idea to write the list down and make sure they are people who will be there to listen or give advice whatever you think you need as long as they help you in a positive way.

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Here's an activity you can I call it a support bulls eye: Start by drawing a circle big enough to write "Me" in the middle of it. Next step, is to draw a circle around the "Me" circle and make sure you have enough to write a few things in it, lastly make another circle around the second circle. This should end up looking like a bulls eye, on a separate piece of paper or if you have writing room around you bulls eye write down whatever you use to get support that is positive + and same things applies to the negative- support. This includes coping skills whether they are good or bad, habits, animals, hobbies whatever you use to get support. After you are done writing you list, think about the positive and negative support you keep closest to you write some down in the circle around your "Me: circle. and for the last circle do the same thing except write what positive and negative support you use when you don't have the support you wrote down in the circle closet to your "Me" circle. For example if you always go to your best friend for support, what if they were unavailable what would you do next to get support. After you are done with you bulls assess it, do you have more negative coping skills closer to you or further away? Maybe you keep the positive support further away from you, after you've taken a look at it decide if this is what you want to continue doing or look for some things that you need to change.

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The important part of self-love is that you have to do it for yourself. It is not selfish to love yourself for who you are or what you look like, it is not bragging when you say " I am fearless, brave, bold and strong." A good coping skill for self-love is to figure out why you don't love yourself for example, negative self talk can make it hard for us to love ourselves. You can using a grounding technique, when you have negative thought about yourself replace it with a positive one.

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If you are struggling with healing emotionally or learning to cope with your mental illness give yourself the time. Make the time to heal so you can move forward with your life, take care of yourself there is only one you and you are important so tell everyone you need a break you deserve it. If you are taking a break to heal yourself and people do not except it that is their own problem you have problems just like everyone else, like everyone else you deal with them differently. It may take some people longer to heal and learn to