Life of the Party is this brand new D&D adventure on NyxRising Insdustries Youtube Channel. It takes place in these extensive and cullturaly rich world called Caldera. Brought to life by a group of players with backgrounds in treatre, costuming, acting and creativity in many different forms. Now I'll be describing the amazing characters built by them.

Played by @paper.storms (Instagram) Renard hails from the Shadeborne. An intelligent and collected character with a mission to undertake who isn’t going to let anyone or anything get in his way. Wears a hood and a mask at all times and has concerns about getting to close to the party but needs them on his side.

Played by @electrospectrum (Instagram) Cassian is something of a self important person, who enjoys stirring up trouble between people, including those in his party. He will judge your outfit.

‪Played by @roguearcanis (Instagram) Sariel comes from a matriarchal tribe yet she is on the run from something that has occurred in her past. The party seem to have gained her trust for now... ‬

Boblem, the Farmer
‪Played by @/catoftheparty(Twitter) Boblem is a half-elf Druid who has set out from his family farm after his grandma told him he needs to experience the world. What adventures await him?‬

Played by @zer0becki (Instagram) Astra always see the good in others and believes that everyone is of equal standing. It appears he has no direction in life but perhaps there is more to it...

Played by @evilcleverdog (Instagram) her personality is as shocking and wonderful as her blue hair AND use of electricity. A powerful spellcaster with a dubious sense of morals and very sticky fingers.‬

Last, but by no means least, our incredible DM @jdb.cosplay (Instagram) who will be weaving our adventure and bringing his wonderful storytelling and charisma to the table to bring all our stories to life in his world of Caldera.

Image by Mrs. Freckles

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