Have you ever wanted to be a VSCO girl? Have you ever scrolled through WHI, Instagram, Youtube or any other social media networking, seen these girls and thought "Damn, I want to BE her"? WELL BOY do I have the article for you. Today, i will teach you, yes YOU, how to be a basic VSCO girl.

1. Have the VSCO app

Well, you obviously need the app to be a VSCO girl so download it! And don't you even think about doing this without the app. Basically, VSCO is an app where you can edit and post photos. That's it really...nothing else.

app, edit, and editing image filter, grunge, and vsco image

2. Buy the essentials

  • A Hydroflask (+5 bonus if it has stickers on it)
  • A shell necklace
  • Scrunchies and bracelets
  • Vans or converse (+10 if you paint on them)
hydroflask image necklace image bracelet, scrunchie, and summer image Temporarily removed
  • A LOT of lip balms
  • Mom Jeans and tank tops (+10 if you paint on the back of your expensive mom jeans)
  • Kanken bag
  • Airpods
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The key for finding all this stuff is to go to the most expensive stores ever to shop. Also pay attention to how the photo filters and "aesthetics" match.

3. Food and drinks

Foods to eat:

  • Salads
  • Flaming hot Cheetos
chips, food, and hot cheetos image food, fruit, and love image

I...I've never seen them eat anything else honestly...huh.

Drinks to drink:

  • Water
  • Starbucks
starbucks, vsco, and pink image aesthetic, beach, and carefree image

You're not allowed to drink ANYTHING else. Also you need to drink so much Starbucks that your bodily fluids will begin to taste like the iced tea that you'll have to drink.

Don't like the taste of some of these? Well Boo hoo, SUCK IT UP. You're gonna be feasting like this for the rest of ye days.

3. Sayings + Phrases

We all talk (unless you're deaf so in this case, im so sorry) so here are some phrases you need to say as a VSCO girl:

  • "And i OOP!"
  • "That's the tea, sis!"
  • "Do it for the aesthetic!"

Really anything basic will do.

4. Fandoms

Here's just a small list of people to stan:

  • James Charles
  • Jeffree Star
  • Billie Eilish
  • Ariana Grande
  • BTS (+5 points if you pretend to stan them)
  • Caleb Finn
  • The Kardashians
  • Emma Chamberlain
james charles image billie eilish image

5. Other stuff you can do for extra points

  • Use a metal straw and a plastic cup at Starbucks and stay oblivious to the fact that other plastics affect our oceans more than straws. +10 points
  • Say " sAve the mOtHerfucking turtles! " but do nothing (beach cleaning, donate) to actually help the oceans. +10 points
  • Bleach your hair to a platinum blonde color. +15 points
  • Get a tan every week to accentuate your blonde hair. +15 points
  • Be quirky and claim that you're not like the other girls but in actuality, you ARE the 'other girls'. +5 points

6. Celebrate!

pink, yay, and balloons image hooray, balloons, and gold image

Congrats! You are now your friendly neighborhood VSCO girl!

Really tho, i hope ppl realize that this is a joke lol. I actually have no problem with VSCO girls or any girls for that matter. I just think its a bit stupid enough to poke fun at. This in no way is ment to attack or offend ANYONE.

Anyways, bye!

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Ily, have a good day!