i made something but i don't know a common theme i just know these songs make you wanna be in love , good luck!

lo que siento -- cuco
dance, baby -- boy pablo
ilomilo -- billie eilish
4EVER -- clairo
In the Middle -- dodie
urs -- NIKI
8 -- billie eilish
Through and Through -- khai dreams
at least i look cool -- sasha sloan
feeling lonely -- boy pablo
i wanna be your girlfriend -- girl in red
oh, mexico -- jeremy zucker
come out and play -- billie eilish
idontwannabeyouanymore -- billie eilish
honesty -- pink sweat$
would you -- pink sweat$
Y U Gotta Be Like That -- audrey miKa
Flaming Hot Cheetos -- clairo
pretty girl -- clairo
better off -- Jeremy zucker, chelsea cutler
idle town -- conan gray
checkmate -- conan gray
uno -- rex orange county
sunflower -- rex orange county
i like (the idea of) you -- tessa violet
Day 1 -- HONNE
get you (ft. Kali Uchis) -- daniel caesar
Falling for U -- Peachy!, mxmtoon
i'm in love with you, sorry -- j'san

follow the playlist :)

stay in school x