I believe in fate. I think me and you were meant to be, you give me feelings I've never felt before. We live in a chaotic world, but within the chaos, when I'm with you. the world automatically stops. I feel time slow down, just for us. As i look into your eyes, the sun hits and I'm able to see the small crater like lines in your russet brown eyes, not just any ordinary brown eyes, i look into your eyes as you speak and i can tell you're genuine. A feeling I'm not use to. I can talk to you forever and never run out of things to talk about. Our small silly conversations warm my heart. I remember you asking me what my superpower was, but now i look back and I don't think you're aware of your own super power. Your voice brings me comfort. The way you look at me sends static throughout my body. When you sing to me you make my heart skip a beat. That smile of yours makes me go crazy, ties my stomach into knots and can brighten up my mood any day. The way your hair just flows to the right and the tight embrace you hold me in and the way your lips feel against mine, you make my heart melt like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. I don't think you realize that everyday that goes by i just fall for you harder and harder just by you being you. I think your power is just my kryptonite, making me weak at resisting an intense feeling of deep affection. The only pain you've ever made me feel is the pain in my ribs when you make me laugh so much and the pain in my jaw when you make me smile like an idiot. The reason i believe we're meant to be, is because one day I prayed to God one night and I asked him to remove the negativity from my life and to bring in the positivity, and that's when you came into my life. It took me a while to realize, but you were actually the answer to my prayer.Just maybe, we're meant to be. The way our similarities balance out our differences, and the way our personalities match, the way we vibe in general. When I'm with you, it's always an adventure.

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as we laid on the sand and the sky was changing so were my feelings they grew deeper and more intense. The sun was set, and so was my heart on you, and just like the sun sets it also rises just like my feelings for you, and like nature itself , you give me the most beautiful feelings a human could ever feel

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I've written too many love letters to people who were in lust with me, I'm tired of so much lust. I just hope you're falling in love with me as hard as I am for you.