how did you discover the series/books?
i discovered games of thrones through one of my friends telling me about it. she said it was the best show she had ever seen and i couldn't agree more. omg. it is soooo good!!!!

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who is your all-time favorite character?
daenerys targaryen. periodt. she has been my absolute favorite since the first episode. (jon snow is a very close second btw) ;)

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who is your favorite side character?
SAM!!! samwell tarly is definitely my favorite side character. he is so sweet and loyal and brave and the best friend to jon. he is also the one that discovered that dany is jon's aunt (lmao)

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if you could magically resurrect a character by sacrificing another character, who would you sacrifice and who would you bring back?
so i know a lot of people won't agree with me, but i would bring back khal drogo in exchange for melisandre ANY DAY. i despised khal drogo at the very beginning, but i ended up loving him and i literally mourned his death. i cried more when he died than when edard stark died.

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you’re a person of the Night’s Watch, who would you break your oath of chastity for?
umm khal drogo, jon, grey worm

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Dragon or Direwolf? Which would you rather have by your side?
dragon.... khaleesi is my role model

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which character would you most like to portray on television?

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what is your favorite moment of the books/series?
my favorite part is when sansa and jon reunite. it was so sweet!!!

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who do you think deserved to sit on the Iron Throne at the end of the series?
jon or daenerys... probably jon though if i had to pick

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alternate ending?
well, jon and dany both deserved better. my alternate ending would be that they both got the iron throne and ruled in peace-- king and queen

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thanks for reading!!!