Hi, again. It is still July 31st and if you read my other article, I’m getting scared by thunders :)
And, you would also know that I’m using this as a diary/blog.

So, another terrifying subject I’m here to talk about is my nightmares. More specifically, the nightmare I had two nights ago. You should know that I watch a lot of NCIS (a crime tv show) and that influenced the stuff I dream about. This nightmare was terrifying for me in a way I can’t even explain. It wasn’t like other nightmares I’ve had, we’re I get over it ‘cause clearly it isn’t real. This keeps haunting me, and I can’t even forget what was it about.

I’m just gonna tell you guys the terrifying part. We’re i was supposed to be protected ‘cause there was something that wanted to harm me and we were at my house. When I look under a place in my house (it’s kinda of a set of stairs, but they have a little space underneath them) there was a man, with Dora like hair but blonde and it was all the way back and when he saw me he ran past me, not in two feet but how spiders run.

No one came to my rescue and I was just there, terrified by that man that I just saw. Time passed (obviously not real time, but the time in your dreams that it’s just really fast) and when I looked again, the man was there again and did the same thing! That time I followed him and he was trying to escape, so I grabbed a chair and threw it at him and it hit his side and he fell, but the chair really didn’t do anything to him. And I don’t remember anything else but that. It torments me how scared I am right now while I write this. I just hope to forget it at some point.

But right now it relieves me that someone else knows about this nightmare, so...
Thanks for reading this :) <3

Bye, again!