sometimes, we don't miss a person. instead, we miss who they used to be. who they were when you first met, that person that made you feel so happy and exited.

but over time, they changed,they don't feel the same. the person they have become was someone totally different. but, it was so hard to let go. because a part of me is hoping that you will suddenly change back, and start to love me again.

they say that feelings fade when people change... but, why haven't my feelings about you changed? did i change, is that why you don't want me anymore?

would you love me more if i killed someone for you? what if that someone was me?? what if i killed myself, not literally, but figguritivley. what if i completly changed into who you want?

i know i've changed as well. my smile isnt what it once was, my eyes are sadder, my heart more fragile. im not even alive anymore, just barley surviving. but... all this, you did it. you hurt me and pushed me over and used me as your doormat. you blamed me even though it wasnt my fault and made me believe it was.

but im done. No i dont miss you, im not your fucking doormat, go step on somepone else. everytime im doing okay, you try to come back because then you realize how much you truly needed me. but, that sucks for you because im not going back anymore.

we cant be friends any longer and im officially cutting you out of my life. i deserve better than that. i hope one day someone treats you the way you did to me.