What year are you going into to?
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I don't know whether I am a sophomore or junior in college because I have lost track of since I did take a year off from school. I do however have only 1 more semester left till I can transfer!
What's your major?
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My major is psychology because one day when I was walking down the hall in my college there was a poster with psyc classes and something clicked in my head and I knew that was the right path for me.
What classes are you taking this semester?
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Human Bio w/ Lab, Humanities: The Modern World, Intro to Research Methods in Psychology, Women and Social Change in the US: 1890-present
What are you nervous/excited about?
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I am excited that I will get to see my friends when I go back and knowing that this is my last semester but I am nervous about my classes. This semester is going to be tough.
Where do you want to transfer to?
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My dream school is UC Santa Cruz! I will be applying for fall 2020 to save money to rent an apartment since my boyfriend is going to be living with me.
What are 3 essentials in your backpack?
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I need to have my laptop that way in between classes I can work on homework. I always bring my 32 once water bottle and fill it up throughout the day to stay hydrated. Lastly, I always bring my headphones to listen to music.
What are 3 beauty-related essentials in your backpack?
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I always carry my CarMax lip balm, I have an emergency mini deodorant in case I am running late to class and forget to put some on, a mini tube of sunscreen to apply to my face.
What's the craziest thing that happened at your college?
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Last semester there was a protest about racism because multiple people were gratifying in the boy's bathroom saying something racist. A year ago there was graffiti threating the school with a gun and ended up closing the school for a day. Then 2 years ago there was a huge fire close by and my school was closed for a week.
What's your usual outfit for school?
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I like to be as comfy as possible when it comes to school or studying. Sometimes I will dress up but most of the time it's a comfy pair of jeans or shorts w/ a comfy loose shirt.
Have you ever skipped a class?
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I have skipped classes when I first started college because I just simply did not want to go to class. Now I hardly skip but I do take 1 mental health day if I need it.
Advise for anyone starting college?
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Don't skip classes since you are paying to be there. I know sometimes it sucks to be in school but that feeling you get when you transfer or graduate is one of the best feelings. Make sure to make some new friends because they could be life long friends.
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