This is the start for a series of characters that I just made up, hope you like it! (P.S.: I swear it's not that boring lol)

This league was created in order to help and guide extraordinary teenagers to master and develop thier amazing and unique powers. Only a few are the lucky owners of these incredible powers and, with the help of trained and expert staff, these young promises are going to be able to control and improve their abilities.

This league functions as an academy, by courses and lessons. It is undoubtedly a prestigious opportunity to attend it, since, as previously mentioned, only a few are the lucky members of our league, which chooses its new students every 4 years.
After that time, a new group of teenagers with powers is selected.

On this occasion the chosen ones have been:

-Levi Collins
-Florida Ferguson
-Hazel Griffin
-Liam Hamilton
-Wyat Matthew
-Becky Moore
-Brooke Sanders

The first thing that will be required is to make an essay about yourself that anyone but your classmates is going to read. In the LPT we take fellowship very seriously, since we want to create a relaxed and friendly environment, beneficial for every student.

Express yourself, you're unique and powerful.
Congrats for the admission,

LPT (League of Powerful Teenagers)