A collection of TV shows and series I love. I included how many seasons each has so it's easier if anyone wants to binge. If you go though them all, awesome. Thank you for taking the time.
I will link my most recent articles at the end.

  • Game Of Thrones: 8 Seasons (HBO)
game of thrones and article image game of thrones image got, game of thrones, and emilia clarke image dragon, got, and game of thrones image
  • Parenthood: 8 Seasons
Image removed NBC, parenthood, and tv image parenthood image parenthood and love image
  • Wentworth: 7 Seasons
wentworth and wentworth prison image australia, prison, and wentworth image bea, goals, and hugs image behind the scenes, season 3, and nicole da silva image
  • Jane The Virgin: 5 Seasons
tv show and jane the virgin image jane the virgin image Temporarily removed couple, eyes, and fashion image
  • Bloodline: 3 Seasons (Netflix)
Temporarily removed Best, family, and my image
  • Gossip Girl: 6 Seasons
gossip girl and xoxo image Temporarily removed love, gossip girl, and chuck bass image Temporarily removed
  • Friends: 10 Seasons
Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, and intro image Image by F.r.i.e.n.d.s Forever ❤❤❤ 90s and friends image friends and central perk image
  • Freaks And Geeks: 1 Season
Image removed freaks and geeks image Image removed freaks and geeks, friends, and quotes image
  • Thirteen Reasons Why: 2 Seasons (Netflix)
Image removed Image removed Image removed 13 reasons why, hannah baker, and clay jensen image
  • American Horror Story: 8 Seasons
aesthetic, autumn, and black image Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed
  • Lovesick: 3 Seasons (Netflix)
poster, show, and tv image netflix and lovesick image Image removed Image removed
  • Love: 3 Seasons (Netflix)
love, love netflix, and love netflix series image
  • 11.22.63: 1 Season (Netflix)
Stephen King, JFK, and 22 11 63 image Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
  • Girls: 6 Seasons (HBO)
girls hbo image Temporarily removed girls, friends, and serie image girl, allison williams, and lena dunham image
  • Orange Is The New Black: 7 Seasons
series, netflix, and orange is the new black image orange, orange is the new black, and black image Image removed orange is the new black, oitnb, and netflix image
  • Golden Girls: 7 Seasons
prostitute, funny, and quotes image Image removed Temporarily removed good, text, and bad image
  • Stranger Things: 3 Seasons
stranger things and gif image stranger things, eleven, and netflix image alexei and stranger things image stranger things, eleven, and max image
  • The Keepers: 1 Season
Image removed
  • Breaking Bad: 5 Seasons
junkie, series, and breaking bad image breaking bad, walter white, and meth image breaking bad and jesse pinkman image
  • The Sixties: 1 Series
beatles, the beatles, and john lennon image vintage, black and white, and sunglasses image Inspiring Image on We Heart It 60s, 80s, and aesthetic image
  • The Seventies
music, 1970s, and 70s image Freddie Mercury, Queen, and roger taylor image Image removed belgium, canada, and france image
  • The Eighties
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Heathers, movie, and winona ryder image american, united states, and president image 80s, neon, and retro image
  • Black Mirror: 5 Seasons
miley cyrus and black mirror image black mirror image 4, season, and black mirror image black, lacie, and mirror image
  • Easy: 3 Seasons (Netflix)
serie, netflix, and Easy image
  • Grace And Frankie: 5 Seasons
meme, mood, and reaction image series, netflix, and grace and frankie image grace and frankie image grace and frankie image
  • Riverdale: 4 Seasons
riverdale and Archie image riverdale, cole sprouse, and lili reinhart image Image removed riverdale, kj apa, and cole sprouse image
  • The Sinner: 2 Seasons
Image removed
  • Bates Motel: 5 Seasons
bates motel, gif, and black and white image sad, bates motel, and freddie highmore image Image by L u i s i n a Image removed
  • The Office: 9 Seasons
Inspiring Image on We Heart It jim, party, and the office image Image removed 90s, aesthetic, and alternative image
  • You: 1 Seasons (Netflix)
serie, you, and netflix image joe, you, and netflix image beck, joe, and you image you, netflix, and netflix original image
  • Skins: 7 Seasons
Image removed skin, cassie, and lovely image Image removed skins, Effy, and grunge image
  • Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: 2 Seasons
Image removed netflix, sabrina, and witch image sabrina, series, and witch image sabrina, adventures, and caos image
  • American Crime Story:The People Vs OJ Simpson // The Assassination Of Gianni Versace
badass, american crime story, and gif image badass, american crime story, and marcia clark image Temporarily removed penelope cruz, gianni versace, and american crime story image
  • Shameless: 8 Seasons
shameless, carl gallagher, and ian gallagher image emmy rossum, let you go, and shameless image shameless and autumn image otp, series, and shameless image
  • That 70's Show: 8 Seasons
70s, 90s, and donna image that 70s show, fez, and jackie image life, that 70s show, and sucks image Image removed
  • Gilmore Girls: 6 Seasons
gilmore girls, dramatic, and quotes image books, reading, and ta image Image removed gilmore girls, jess, and rory image
  • Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life
Temporarily removed gilmore girls, alexis bledel, and Lauren Graham image gilmore girls image gilmore girls, jess mariano, and a year in the life image
  • Santa Clarita Diet: 3 Seasons
couple, gif, and love image couple, series, and santa clarita diet image Image removed santa clarita diet image
  • New Girl: 6 Seasons
  • Crashing: 1 Season
crashing, uk, and serie image crashing, phoebe waller-bridge, and crashing uk image crashing, jonathan bailey, and crashing uk image crashing, jonathan bailey, and crashing uk image
  • Frasier: 11 Seasons
tv, tv shows, and couple goals image frasier, niles, and frasier crane image daphne, frasier, and niles image Image removed
  • The Secret Life Of The American Teenager: 5 Seasons
pregnant, Shailene Woodley, and secret life image adrian, american, and couple image american, amy, and couple image kenny baumann, american teenager, and francia raisa image
  • Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes
documentary, ted bundy, and film image
  • Big Little Lies: 2 Seasons
meryl streep, Nicole Kidman, and Reese Witherspoon image gif, Nicole Kidman, and Reese Witherspoon image big little lies, Nicole Kidman, and Reese Witherspoon image hbo, big little lies, and tv show image
  • Derry Girls: 1 Season
netflix original and derry girls image dylan llewellyn, derry girls, and erin quinn image 90s, grunge, and quotes image Abusive image
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