13 Don't text me

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Okay so first off, Gidle doesn't make bad songs, I think it is physically impossible for them. So even tho this song is ranked last, its great. I just think it's forgettable and not as powerful as their other songs.

12 What's in your house?

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I have the same issue with What's in your house? that I have with don't text me, I just keep forgetting about it, it ain't special :/

11 Hear me

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Hear me is a really good song with amazing vocals, but it doesn't stand out compared with Gidles other songs

10 Senorita

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I found Senorita really disappointing to be honest. The chorus was good but that was about it. I didn't like Shuhuas "lines" or Yuqis "Yoo Woo Woo" at the end of the song, also Soyeons rap sounded kinda messy, and the MV looked lowkey bad.

9 Give me your

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Now we've reached the songs I really really like. Give me your is a masterpiece, I love the piano in the beginning and in the background.

8 What's your name

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I loooove that song, the chorus is very catchy and the instrumental is good as well.

7 Maze

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I really like that song, the vocals are on point and I love the instrumental, it's a bop.

6 $$$

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I love how that song changes from that fierce and poweful rap in the beginning to Miyeons cute and bubbly vocals. The only thing that I really hate about this song is that mechanic voice saying "Dollar".

5 Blow your mind

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Blow your mind is a bop, there's nothing more I can say.

4 Latata

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Latata is such a good song for a debut song, it has a good choreography, good instrumental, Soyeons rap is amazing.

3 Put it straight

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Put it straight is hands down by far the best sidetrack of Gidle. It's very calming, perfect for studying and has angelic vocals. I'm literally obsessed of this song.

2 Uh-Oh

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Where do I start, the beat is amazing, Soyeons rap is on fire, like the micophone she's rapping into, we got Soojin and Yuqi in bangs, a win for neverlands.

1 Hann (alone)

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Hann is the superior era in every point. The choreography is beautiful, the whistle is iconic, don't get me started on the MV, it's so aesthetic, every shot is a masterpiece. This song is art.

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