hello my name is whitney and I'm addicted to dr pepper. i drink at least 16 ounces a day.

dr pepper, drink, and food image
that's the size of this bottle

i also like disney very much. i like to see cosplay and dolls and edits and art and film theories about disney

sometimes i spend a lot of money on disney stuff.

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i hope that someday i will live in a cute vintage mobile home like this

I'm not sure if buying a trailer will be worth the work i will have to put into it. also im not sure if i should ever move out while I'm in college.

sometimes i decide to capitalize my I's and other times I don't.
sometimes I decide to put periods at the end of my sentences and sometimes I just don't

it's not even on purpose.

i currently have four mcdonalds bags and several mcdonalds coke cups and quarter pounder boxes and sausage egg mcmuffin wrappers in my car. that's because i go to mcdonalds at least four times a week

thank you