Hi everyone and welcome to my article. I'm Linde, a 14-year-old girl from Belgium.
I was thinking when I write an article I mostly choose a subject and then I'm gonna talk about it in the article. I love to write these but I also would like to tell you the things which happen in my life so that's what we're gonna do in this new series. I'm thinking about a title but I don't know, maybe something with 'spill the tea' or 'diary'...
  • Summer break
I'm halfway in my summer break right now. In my country, Belgium we have summer break whole months July and August. he whole month July I lived with my family in my grandparents' house near the sea in Ostend. I went a lot to the sea and it was a beautiful month. When I'm writing this it's the 30th [actually it just became the 31st because it's one minute over midnight right now] of July so this month is already over.
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My plans for August aren't that sure yet but I will tell you everything I know at this moment. This week I will stay here in Ostend jut as normal. Then next week, it's really exciting you know. My mother and brother will leave Ostend Monday the 5th and I will stay here alone. Then Tuesday and Wednesday I'm going to babysit by a really cute little girl. Thursday in the noon my mother and brother are coming back and Friday in the morning I have to help my mother with the flea market in our street and after that, I'm going to babysit on the same girl. Saturday and Sunday I'm going to help my mother with the flea market. (it's a three-day market) Monday I normally will go back to my real house, I prefer to stay here because I love it here but I think it's time to go home and meet up with my friends. There are some troubles in our friendship and we need to talk... The rest of the vacation I will be home on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and I will be here in Ostend Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is what it will be when everything goes normal if the parents of my babysit girl ask me to babysit in the week I will probably stay here for example. I also want to go to my grandparents for some days but that's just something I want to do there aren't any plans yet.
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  • Writing plans
So now you know the plans for the rest of my vacation but what are my writing plans for August? I would love to do something like a writing challenge because August is the month where I have the most time I think. But... I don't know what I want to do exactly, I can write down in this article each day with a different article idea where I will write about that day but that isn't really what I want. I promise that I will write an article for you every day of August. I will absolutely regret this after some days but we're gonna do this. :) I'm gonna write 31 articles this month! Dear people who are reading this you can simply help me if you know something you want I write an article about, just send it to me. I have a subject that day and you receive your article, good deal?
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Thank you for reading my article I hope you enjoyed it a little bit. This one was just a life update but as I said I'm gonna write an article everyday whole August. be sure that you follow me so you don't have to miss any of them. xx
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