Hi hearters, I hope you all doing great.
Today's article is about my type in men (I'll never know probably my soulmate is here).

Before i start i wanna be clear that am not a perfect girl or looking for prefection even tho perfection suits me (LOL) but am just sharing with you my thoughts and the things am looking in men even it looks like i exaggerated too miuch but am picky and i belive that i deserve the best and so do you sisters.

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The 2 things am gonna bring them up in my article are :

- Physical side.
- Mental side (The good things and the bad ones that i can accept them).

1. Physically:

Well, It's undeniable that men attract us in a lot of ways mostly the physical side (Physically), Iknow you all agree with me.

So the physical shit that really turn me on are :

- Height (Tall men).

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- White skin.

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- Breard.

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- Abs.

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- Manly hands.

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- Pretty colored eyes especially the green and the blue ones.

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- Deep voice.

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- Tough men.

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- Well dressed.

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- Educated and workers.

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- Athletes.

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- Older men.

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2. Mentally:

  • The good side:

- Intelligent.

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- Polite.

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- Good listeners and easy talkers.

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- Responsible.

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- Gentlemen.

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- Caring, Sweet loving ones.

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- Shy men.

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- Romantic men.

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- Funny, Good sense of humor.

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- Men who support women.

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- Men who never see women as sex toys.

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  • The bad side that i can accept:

- Bad, Troublemakers.

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- Smokers.

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- Serious men.

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- Dirty minded.

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The things that i said above does not mean i hate the other kinds cuz i belive that everyone has his own beauty, personality and we all working on our selves to be better... We all accebtable just the way we are and we all one day will find our soulmates that complet us.

You guys should know that i can always make exceptions if i find just one thing from the things that i said before and am pointing on the mental side ( Inner beauty) not in a facial mole, Because the true beauty in a man is reflected in his soul. It is the caring that he lovingly gives, the passion that he knows.”

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I love you all and you are free to hit me up ;) and you can also follow me to keep up with my new.

Thnx for reading... Xoxo 🖤🖤🖤

Big thank to all the incredible hearters that from them I took those pretty photos to write & complete my article.

Feel free to take this idea and tag me in your articles !

See you next time with another article ;)