Okay so first off, Mamamoo doesn't have any bad songs. Every song of them is a masterpiece.

13 Paint me

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Paint me is the song you'll probably hear on the gates to heaven. The vocals give me goosebumps, Mamamoo truly eat CDs for breakfast. But the song isn't as catchy as Mamamoos other title tracks, that's why I ranked it last.

12 Wind Flower

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I kinda have the same issue with wind flower as I have with paint me, their vocals are angelic, but the song doesn't really grow on me.

11 Um oh ah yeh

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I can't really say much about this song except it's very catchy and I love it, just not as much as Mamamoos other songs, so I ranked it 11th.

10 Gleam

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I looove Gleam, the chorus is so good and that MV concept is awesome, but the songs (except the chorus) seems forgettable.

9 Piano Man

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This song has such good vocals, is catchy and Hwasa owned this era. What do I want more? Issa bop.

8 You're the best

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This song is so much fun! The choreography, the MV the chorus, it all fits perfectly together. Also Hwasas hair, we stan.

7 Taller than you

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I truly love this song, the raps where superior. Also can we appreciate the fact that Mamamoo literally wrote a song just to diss Wheein? Iconic.

6 Mr. Ambigious

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This is officially one of the best debut songs in history, no wait, THE best debut song in kpop history.

5 Yes I am

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Ahhh i looove Yes I am! It's so catchy, and it has a colorful concept, and we got Moonbyul with black hair, ugh a bop.

4 Gogobebe

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Gogobebe has a strong chorus, a powerful rap, and a fun and easy to learn choreography, it's THAT song.

3 Décalcomanie

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I knew Décalcomanie would be a great song as soon as I heard the first line, and I wasn't wrong. We got Mamamoo in suits, which made me a little gay not gonna lie, and let's not forget that iconic mirror dance scene.

2 Starry night

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There was a time I didn't like this song. Now I wanna slap my younger self for that. The instrumental alone is art. Moonbyuls raps are so good, and don't even get me started on the chorus. I'm not a big fan of the choreography, but to be honest idc.

1 Egoistic

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Egoistic is in my top 3 Kpop songs ever, I could listen to it all day long and never get tired of it. Everything about this song is perfect, the vocals, the rap, the MV, the choreo... even when the instrumental sounds like a real song.

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