not sure why, but i've always been dependent on music to put me in a secure headspace. headphones must be in my ears at ALL TIMES... or i'll go crazy. so, if you're looking for some fresh vibes to cool down from those dog days, here's a playlist i put together as i sit on my couch, fueling the oh-so-necessary lazy girl energy.

1) Dreams- Solange, When I Get Home
2) We- Mac Miller, The Divine Feminine
3) Floating (feat. Khalid)- Alina Baraz, The Color of You
4) Drew Barrymore- SZA, Ctrl

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Professional -The Weeknd, Kiss Land

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5) Time (is)- Solange, When I Get Home
6) ilomilo- Billie Eilish, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO?
7) Skin- Mac Miller, The Divine Feminine
8) Wicked Games- The Weeknd, Trilogy

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-extra faves-

Jason's Song (Gave It Away)- Ariana Grande
Pressing Me- Rico Nasty, Nasty
R.E.M.- Ariana Grande, Sweetener
get well soon- Ariana Grande, Sweetener
Self Care- Mac Miller, Swimming

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hope you found a vibe <3 xx