How y'all doing? So I am pretty much new here, and this is pretty much my first article so please bare with me. :)
I stumbled across the #ThisIsMeChallenge and I thought, why not. So here we are, doing the #ThisIsMeChallenge. I hope you enjoy my first article ever. :)


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I think those are too many pictures but who cares. So, yeah...I am always really happy and energetic on the outside. But on the inside...yeah well let's say I am a pro in faking a smile. Furthermore, I am pretty crazy and weird and I LOVE to sleep.


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Comfy is keyyyy. I love hoodies and sweatshirts and I also have some cropped sweatshirts I love. Most of my clothes are pretty casual, no too bright colours, keeping it casual and comfy. High waisted jeans it issssss.


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So I am addicted to music. And I pretty much listen to EVERYTHING. But those are definitely my favourites. Lauv, Panic at the Disco, Martin Garrix and Dan + Shay


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The Good Doctor is one of the best tv shows every, seriously I love it!! Currently I am watching Grey's Anatomy... #Season3...way to go. I watched a part of Once Upon a Time Season 1 and I am planning on watching the rest one time. Andddddd last but not least, NCIS Los Angeles.


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The Breakfast Club. Five Feet Apart. Lucy. The Truman Show.


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A frappuccino from the Starbucks. A latte macchiato. Coca Cola. And ofcourse, a bottle of healty plain water.


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Fresh fruit, sushi, pizza and a good looking sandwich with chicken. L o v e i t.


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The Lunar Chronicles, seriously you have to read the Lunar Chronicles!!!!! Harry Potter. And to be honest....I read a lot, the thing is, I always forget the titles...oops. But once I start reading...I can't stop. When I was little it was seriously a punishment for me to not be allowed to read. XD
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