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name: neha (thunderstorm/rain)

godly gift and title:

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Goddess of rain and thunderstorms on land and sea, plants and crops that are nourished when it rains, cleansing and healing waters and plants, fishing, and livestock. She is the teller of folklore, mainly about herself.


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Neha's mother is Brizo, a sea goddess, the protectors of sailors, mariners, and fishermen. She was mainly worshipped by a large group of women in Delos, they would send her offerings in small boats. She is a very caring goddess, not very much like Poseidon at all.


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Neha's father is Poseidon, God of the sea, storms, horses, and earthquakes. He is a very feared god, considering his temper, in a snap he could call upon a storm or an earthquake just to spite someone. His childish side is usually shown through his chariot races.


clouds, nature, and storm image book, vintage, and old image Image by noor sky, lightning, and thunder image
storm clouds, stories, beautifully crafted swords used only by her worshippers, and lightning


brown, color, and colors image books, old, and paris image leaves, nature, and plants image Image by noor Abusive image Image by noor
driftwood, more stories, giant and packed plants, fish, and sheep furs


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Neha is romantic in every sense of the word, her body, her hair, her lips, her voice. She is also dark, charming at first, but a dark minded goddess.


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minimal and dark

her friends:

aesthetic, girl, and pink image butterfly, aesthetic, and girl image megan fox, fire, and celebrity image girl, fashion, and style image selena gomez and selena image beauty mark, eyes, and model image beauty, dark skin, and natural hair image train, aesthetic, and dark image
Aphrodite, Persephone, Mania, Ate, Selene, Nyx, Thalia, and Enyo.