What is with the trends on social media about how a women’s body should look?
There’s always a new trend and I’m sure it’s very tiring to keep up with them if you’re trying to.

One day the trend is to be super skinny, the next to be curvy, the day after that to have a thigh gap and then a thigh brow.

When does it end?

When can everyone accept each other in different shapes and forms? When will these trends come to an end?

There should be fashion trends not body trends. No one should feel bad for the body they have just because it doesn’t fit with the trend at the moment.

Having body trends is very wrong because everyone has a different body. When will body shame end?

Each day new standards of beauty appear and most try to live up to that.

When will all this negativity in society end?

I don’t have the exact answer to all these questions, but I do know that all these things won’t affect anyone as much once we all learn to accept ourselves as we are and not let what other people think affect us. Easier said then done, I know.

Once we love ourselves nothing can penetrate through us.

How? How can we accept and love ourselves? How can we not care what people think?

Everyday tell yourself that one thing you hate about yourself is beautiful. Tell yourself that everyday until you believe it.

Life is about having fun and being happy, not worrying if you live up to the standards of society.

Once you can be yourself and accept yourself despite societies standards, that is when you are finally free.

Love yourself because you’re amazing, because there was a slim chance you would be put on this Earth yet you were.

Love yourself because your family loves you, because your friends love you. Love yourself because you are who you are and no one else is like you. Love yourself because you’re unique. Love yourself because you are the only you in this world and no one can change that.

What other people think doesn’t matter… at all.

People can think what they want, don’t live life revolved around them. Live life freely and happily. Break away from the negativity. Break away from admiring everyone else’s beauty except yours.

Admire yourself. Be confident in who you are because YOU are amazing!

Tell yourself you’re beautiful, it’s not being conceded.

Show yourself some love just like you show others you love them.

Let’s break away from these standards. If we don’t care about these trends and we love ourselves thats all that matters 🙂

Love always,

Annabel xoxo