Hey! I know what you´re thinking. You may believe that right now, everything is fucked up. But, guess what? Someone once told me that when everything is going wrong, what´s only left is improvement.

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I know that you´re a hard to deal character, anxious, ambitious, sensitive teenage girl; That´s always searching for improvement and thirsty for learning new stuff. I know that you want to have it all figured out now, but guess what? At the end everything will fall on it´s place.

Keep your hard work, but also remember to live your youth and have fun! Life passes by so quickly and we gotta take chances and overcome fears. Life belongs to those who dare. It´s ok to want to be better, but chill. No one has their life all figured out, even though they seem.

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Stop spending your time scrolling through your instagram account, you may not notice, but that makes you unhappy. Don't ever compare your life to those pictures that show perfection. No one´s perfect and we all show off only the satisfactory parts of our lives and our succeses. No one posts their failures, anxiety, depression phases, struggles etc... We all struggle.

GO LIVE YOUR LIFE GIRL, IT PASSES BY SO FAST. Persist on your goals, spend time with your friends and loved ones, take risks, be a rebel, have fun and be safe.