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Cue thoughts of nostalgia-filled days, laughter filling the sky, waves breaking along the shore, childhood coming to a penultimate precipice and the people you never want to forget for the rest of your life. This is my dream and coming-of-age fantasy.


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I would fly into a city either with friends or I’d meet them there. After spending some time sightseeing and hanging out with locals there, I would go on a road trip through the countryside and some smaller towns making sure to stop to visit a national park. Eventually we’d reach the coast and slowly travel along it until we have to find an airport to return home.

City 1

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A long haul flight behind me and a month of memories ahead of me, I would delve into the secrets amongst the city skyline and the more prominent jewels. Days of museums, dodging summer showers by sheltering in art galleries with the late afternoon sun creeping in through the windows and casting a warm glow upon the displays, and window shopping with my friends. Evenings would be filled with a mix of hearty family dinners and vibrant parties to celebrate the cutting loose of a childhood.


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Roof down, hair whipping in the wind and the speakers on loud, we’d head off on the road trip. The best moments would be: watching the sunrise from a viewpoint and seeing the colours splurge out onto the canvas of the sky; stepping out of the car for walks along country paths and through fields beneath the beating sun with the grass tickling at our feet; stopping for mouth-watering ice creams as it all gets too hot and singing along to all our childhood classics. The lakes, however, would surpass all that; lounging on the banks, jumping in to create the loudest splash and just dipping our feet in at the end of a hot day before trekking back with shoes in hand. The serenity and magic of such a place would make any visit unforgettable.


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The towns would be about trying something new whilst keeping a sense of home and nostalgia. Reveling in the delight of a funfair beneath the evening sky, taking the adrenaline rush of trying all the rides, eating all we can in traditional American diners and getting matching tattoos. There could be so much that we could do yet we’d inevitably run out of time.

National Park

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I’d want to stop at a national park (possibly Shenandoah given the East Coast route) to admire the beauty of the wild landscape – to see breathtaking views so different from my much tamer landscape of home. We’d go on hikes to explore further and give piggybacks when we get tired, laughing when we pretend to nearly drop each other, racing back to the car for dibs on the front passenger seat and control of the music.


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How can I describe our time along the coast other than days at the beach – barbecues, competitive games of volleyball, surfing, swimming, making new friends, dancing with friends of old, sunbathing on the cliff tops, watching the sun go down, stargazing and roasting marshmallows and making smores. It’s such a short descriptor for something which would entail so much and fill our hearts with something akin to joy and contentment. It could be as close to heaven as I have ever been.

City 2

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Hearts heavy and my flight home looming, we’d return to a city to enjoy our last few days. This time I would go shopping as I no longer would need to worry about overcrowding the rental car. I would take a chance and do things I’ve never done before and maybe never will again. I’d behave so unlike me and yet still so truly me. I would go climbing on a climbing wall, get a ride on a motorbike, find the best freakshakes that they have to offer, go dancing till dawn with my closest friends and promise to never ever let them go. If we struck the time right maybe I’d get a kiss too; a kiss to end a perfect holiday in youthful romance. Watching the ground slip away as we take off, I wouldn’t want to leave because all along it was me leaving my childhood behind and this the final goodbye.

No one ever wants to stop being a kid no matter how much they yearn to be older because the reality is that adulthood is scary. I just need to reassure myself that I’m ready for the next chapter in my life.

So that’s it.

A month documented in the smiles on our faces in the photos we keep, in the moments that make us feel alive and in the memories that we’ll never ever let die.

Our childhood ending but our future only just beginning.
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What’s your dream holiday or scenario?

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Enjoy the rest of your holidays and dream big.


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