Zayn Malik can pay to leave in the middle of a world tour, the middle of a contract, and make his own music because he didn’t like One Direction’s music, but Kesha is being forced to stay in a contract with her mental abuser, sexual assaulter, and rapist and Sony won’t let her out without repercussions

Sam Pepper goes around with sick and horrible pranks and nobody bats an eye, and when people do, they get shit because the girls who got their ass grabbed should have liked it.

Chris Brown can beat women and get away with it WITH a career and female fans still worshiping this woman beater.

Hillary Clinton will get asked about her wardrobe in interviews instead of political topics, unlike her other male runners.

Tampons and pads are taxed as luxury items, but male shaving items are not.

When I get catcalled at the mall, the guys yell at me about how I should take it as a compliment and only stop when my boyfriend shows up and tells them to stop.

Nobody bats an eye at a shirtless male, but the moment a woman doesn’t have a shirt on and her breasts are out, people are in outrage.

Men can’t go out in public wearing ‘feminine’ items without being ridiculed.

I got detention for wearing shorts over my leggings because my shorts were not fingertip length and was distracting to my male students learning environment, despite having full length leggings on and my shorts covering my butt.

5SOS can have a completely bare naked magazine cover, only cover their junk with their hands, and be praised, but Selena Gomez releases an album cover of her naked, but at the same time quite covered, and gets called a slut on social media.

When Justin Bieber posts a naked photo of him on a boat (with his back facing the camera) he is praised and drooled over, but a woman can’t post a bikini photo without being attention seeking.

Tyler Joseph can’t wear a dress on stage during a performance without being called out on the media, and in person, but a female can.

When a female says she’s a feminist, people think that women want to be better than men.

When a male says he’s a feminist, people think he is lying to get women’s attention.

When a gay man says he is raped by another man, he is told he should have liked it because he was gay.

When a boy says he was raped by a female, his friends say he should have liked it because he got laid by an older woman.

When a lesbian is raped by a man, he gets away free because he claims to try and turn her straight so her family would accept her.

Because ‘there are only two genders’.

Because pansexuality, demisexuality, asexuality, agender, genderfluidity, and other sexualities and genders are seen as ‘fake’ and ‘jokes’ because people use them as jokes.

I need fucking feminism because we all deserve to be treated equally.