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- Origin: Latin
- Pronounced: SCAWR-pee-us
- Meaning: Scorpion
- Sidenote: In astronomy, Scorpius is the name of a constellation near the center of the Milky Way.


- Origin: Greek
- Pronounced: hie-PEER-ee-an
- Meaning: Hyper
- Sidenote: In Greek myth this was the name of a Titan who presided over the sun and light


- Origin: French
- Pronounced: Mal-foi
- Meaning: Bad Faith


grey eyes image Temporarily removed veins, aesthetic, and boy image boy image
Grey Eyes, Platinum Blonde Hair, Skinny, Tall


vintage, write, and writing image black, classic, and Grand Piano image background, chess, and horse image guitar, microphone, and singer image
Writing, Piano, Wizard's Chess, Singing


Image removed slytherin, malfoy, and malfoy manor image harry potter, malfoy manor, and draco malfoy image black, crown, and dark image



Image removed Image removed Image removed Image removed
Albus Severus Potter, Rose Granger-Weasley, Polly Parkinson, Lola Crabbe


baby, daughter, and family image siblings goals image
Finnick & Liv Malfoy


animal, bird, and forest image Temporarily removed Image by Monica Victoria owl image
Snow Owl & The Malfoy's Eagle Owl



Temporarily removed snake, green, and slytherin image Temporarily removed green, ring, and slytherin image


Image by Xavia harry potter, hp, and wand image harry potter, hogwarts, and broom image Temporarily removed
Willow Wood With Unicorn Hair, 11 Inch, Very Flexibel (This is based on his character his actual Wand details haven't been revealed)


draco malfoy, harry potter, and tom felton image Image removed blue, boy, and boys image aesthetic, draco malfoy, and harry potter image
Pretty & Expensive Malfoy Robes, Sweaters, Loose Pants


aesthetic, book, and draco malfoy image boy, cry, and sad image harry potter, hogwarts, and slytherin image pulp fiction, blood, and uma thurman image
Dead Liv & Alive Voldemort


Image by Fashion_S fashion image flower, how, and parchment image Cinnamon, autumn, and fall image
Parchment, Cinnamon, Roses & Coffee


animals, owl, and owls image bird, forest, and nature image expecto patronum, harry potter, and weasel image owl, cute, and animal image

Favorite Subject

book, magic, and harry potter image Temporarily removed harry potter and history of magic image Temporarily removed
Potions & History Of Magic

Favorite Spell

gif, harry potter, and accio image harry potter, hogwarts, and magic image book, harry potter, and accio image harry potter, slytherin, and hogwarts image

Favorite Potion

alice, drink, and drink me image orange, flowers, and aesthetic image bookish, booze, and gifts image Temporarily removed
Calming Draught

Favorite Creature

asleep, fairy, and fairytale image disney, tinkerbell, and peter pan image Copyrighted image Halloween, pumpkin, and diy image

Favorite Place

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed tree, swing, and nature image flowers, nature, and pink image
Big Tree Away From Everyone

Post Hogwarts


bibliophile, book, and bookshop image book, lamp, and light image book, wuthering heights, and emily bronte image book, library, and light image
Bookshop Owner