|it’s interesting how faces change what you see|
| in, what you think of them, what you assume|
|about them associate prejudices on people fo-|
\rcing our opinions on them before stoppin-/
\g to try and understand them, pausing/
\to hear their stories looking inside/
\to see something different som-/
\ething more real than what /
|we can see on the outside|
| so do you see it? can you see the |
\profile of the two people looki-/
/ng at each other trying to see d-\
\eaper than what is on the sur-/
/face trying to see what’s really\
|there underneath the façade we bu-|
|ild to keep everyone around us out |
|bc we’re scared that what’s really t-|
|there won't be accepted so let’s step|
--out- accepting ourselves and everyone else--
I tried lol.. its not very good but oh well. this dude has a long chin