If you have ever listened to an Ella Mai album, you'll know that she has a little outro in almost all of her songs that connects that song to the next one on the album. it's actually really cool, almost like poetry. I thought I'd collect all of her spoken word outros here.

song: Emotion (interlude)
a natural instinct of state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances.
Mood or relationship with others.
A rollercoaster.

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song: Sauce
four letters, like love, but less precious.
more like electric veins running fast that frenzy my heart,
make me crave and act restless,
so infectious.

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song: Shot clock
add "-rs" and that's surely what we are.
Flip it 'round, add "-ve" and let's see if this goes far.
Full of chuckles and cuddles and sometimes, eye puddles.
Compose love like we're Mozart.

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song: Everything
having or showing a confident
and forceful personality.

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song: Own It
to be honest, i thought you knew.
Maybe I lied.
Maybe I wanna come through.
Who am I?
Oh, you'll find out soon.
Maybe zones don't apply,
Maybe friends is old news.

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song: Gut feeling
I was guarded while my guardian angel never parted ways.
Just stayed and laid with me,
not nakedly, just waiting patiently.
For now, I am aware.
And as I stare into your soul,
I see it clear.
Can we start again from here?

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song: Close
I bring to you through words I sing
my flaws, my dreams, and all from within.
I am Ella Mai.

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song: Boo'd up
This is such a crazy feeling.
Like I don't want to get too attached,
but I feel like I already am.
My mind's telling me one thing,
but I guess I should listen to my heart,

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song: Breakfast in bed
I don't want to sound crazy but
I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page.
If it's me, it's only me.
You and me.

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song: Nobody else
Are you even listening?
I don't know about you,
but I really don't have time to waste.
It's simple,
It's my way or no way.

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song: My way
As much as I try not to look back,
I do sometimes wonder where we should've been,
Where we could've been.

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song: Makes me wonder
I feel like I'm driving myself crazy
Continuously wondering about you.
I have to remember that I come first.
Ultimately, this is my world and...
I'm ready

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song: Down
so now you want to use the 'R' word.
Well if that's the case, then come meet me for lunch tomorrow.
One o'clock.

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song: Who knew
I know I probably don't tell you enough,
but I really really care about you.
And I just want you to know,
you got me one hundred.

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song: 10,000 hours
Let's just have fun and make this one to remember.

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song: Lay up
Just when I thought I couldn't love again,
You changed me.

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song: Switch sider
It's like every time I try and confess my love for you,
It's just... Hello?
See this is what I'm talking about.
You never ever listen to what I'm saying.
I know you went out last night,
and I know there's someone else.
I might as well just...
My friends warned me about you.
I mean, I should've listened.

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song: She Don't
Did you really think I wasn't gonna find out?
You must really think I'm stupid.
Maybe it's time...

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song: One day
Don't say sorry now. i mean,
don't even waste your time.

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Hope you enjoyed, although I made this more for my own curiosity.

Kia <3

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