Welcome to part 2!! ^^

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K-pop songs that make me cry/sad:

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Magic Shop-BTS
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Hard to love- bolbbalgan4
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Breathe- Lee Hi
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Through the Night- IU

My Top 5 K-pop songs I dance to:

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OH MY GIRL BANHANA- Banana allergy monkey
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Bboom Bboom
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Boy with Luv
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Dance the Night Away
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Mic Drop

A place you want to take you and your bias to?

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The weirdest dream you've ever had about your bias..

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I was in a hotel with BTS, but to make the long story short..not trying to be dramatic or anything, Jimin got in an argument with some lady and he allowed me to go with him somewhere to walk off his anger..worst part..I WOKE UP xdd

What other music is your favorite besides k-pop?

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Ariana Grande- NASA
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DaniLeigh- Easy
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Trinidad Cardona - Jennifer
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Kehlani- Nights Like This
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Sam Smith- How do you sleep?

So many more, but those are the first five.

I'm glad that k-pop came into my life. Especially BTS to be honest. ^^ Their love, generosity, smile, everything fills my heart and motivates me to be more confident and to love myself. Thank you so much for taking the time out to read my article. Bye!