Hi! Thanks for coming by :)
Yes, this is my first article. The only reason I’m writing here it’s because I wanted to check it out ‘cause I’m so dumb I didn’t realize I could write stuff here!

Anyways, I’m just gonna use this as a blog/diary because I don’t have anyone else to talk to :,)

So, here where I live it’s raining. It is July 31st and it’s raining. That is not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. I love rain and hate heat so this is great. But I hate thunders. I hate thunders.

Yes, you can call me a baby or whatever, but thunders are scary! I mean the noise is so freaking terrifying. Did you know the noise that thunders make are the lightings or something like that? So when the sky “lights up” you start counting to ten and when the noise starts you can guess how far the “storm” is. Just a little fact for you there ;)
As I was saying, thunders are terrifying. And last night I randomly woke up at 5am (it was still dark ‘cause of the rain) and the thunders didn’t let me sleep ‘till 6am. I waisted an hour of precious sleep ‘cause of the thunders. The fear of thunders started last year and it was because it’s happened to me twice that a thunder has woken me up for how loud and close it was. So yeah, I have a slight fear for thunders. It’s a small tropical storm so it’s inevitable and there’s another one coming in a few days so...

The only thing that calms me is that I’ll probably be at school, with people present as the thunders make there presence and when people are present I don’t get scared.

Thanks for reading my “talking nonsense” featuring my irrational fear for thunders :)


Update: Thunders are still here and I’m really scared. Also, I saw on the news that here is pretty common to have tropical storms on August and September. My dumb self didn’t know that ,:)