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1. Celebrity you would marry if given the chance?

cars, guys, and marteen image brandon arreaga, Nick Mara, and pretty much image
Marteen or Brandon Arreaga. They're both such sweethearts and I think our personalities would vibe well.

2. Favorite singer?

jeremy zucker image baby, mom, and kehlani image
I have a lot but right now Jeremy Zucker and Kehlani.

3. A celebrity whose hair you would love to have?

girls, yara shahidi, and black girls magic image
Yara shahidi, her hair looks so soft and has so much volume.

4. favorite band?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It the vamps, tristan evans, and james mcvey image
Either 5SOS or the Vamps.

5. Your favorite actor/actress?

spiderman, peter parker, and tom holland image Avengers, gifs, and man image
Tom Holland right now.

6. Celebrity you would love to be best friends with?

azi, azlia williams, and azi williams image azlia williams and azi williams image
Azlia Williams, she's so funny.

7. Favorite Disney star?

zendaya image zendaya and model image
Zendaya, I love her with my whole heart and if I were to meet her I would probably cry.

8. Celebrity whose concert you would love to go to?

lizzo image Temporarily removed
Lizzo. I've seen videos and she puts on a whole performance.

9. The celebrity you would turn gay for?

kehlani image instagram, singer, and kehlani image

10. Favorite boyband?

boys, chance, and michael image boys, chance, and michael image
In Real Life because of their music and their personalities.

11. A celebrity whose wardrobe you would love to own?

curly, highlights, and umi image umi image
Umi, her style is simple and cute.

12. A celebrity who you would bring back to life?

cameron boyce, cameron, and boyce image ideas, instastories, and cameron boyce image
Cameron Boyce. He was on of my first celebrity crushes and he was so funny and positive. :(

13. A celebrity who you would trade lives with?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It meme, reaction, and spongebob image
I don't know about that. Every one has their problems and challenges to deal with.

14. favorite songwriter?

Image by Tina beautiful, braids, and brunette image
Olivia O'brien and Kiana Lede.

15. A celebrity couple you love?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It vanessa hudgens and couple image
Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens.

16. A celebrity you would kiss in a movie scene?

timothee chalamet, call me by your name, and handsome image riverdale and charles melton image
Timothee Chalemet or Charles Melton

17. A celebrity you would love to have a conversation with?

Image removed Image removed
Rico Nasty. Her style is nice and from what i've seen she has a cool personality.

18. An underrated celebrity you love?

beauty and jhene aiko image jhene aiko and singer image
Jhene Aiko. I feel like a lot of people know of her but no one really talks about her. I bet she gives good hugs.

19. A celebrity you dislike?

Temporarily removed Image removed
Jefree Star(+ everyone in the second picture), there have been so many occasions where he has been racist and people still continue to support him.

20. A celebrity whose concert you've been to?

Image removed Image removed
Shawn Mendes, I've only gone to his concerts so far.
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