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My (second) Fairy Oak character

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🌷 Name:

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Myrtus Ironwort

🌷 Appearence:

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🌷 Style:

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🌷 Personality:

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Reserved, clever, sociable but kind of shy. Sensitive, caring, reliable. Polite, observant, easily worried, a little bit dramatic.

🌷 Hobbies & Likes:

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Drawing, going on walks, collecting and cataloging things (seashells, pressed flowers, pretty rocks...), sailing, fishing, reading.

🌷 Magical of the Light or Magical of the Dark?

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Magical of the Light

🌷 Family:

Mother: Juliette Ironwort (née Breen)

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Spirited, graceful and dignified. Always elegant and well dressed. Works in a tea room with her sister.

Father: Prunus Ironwort

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Stern and workaholic, doesn't talk much. Sweet and caring. Magical of the dark.

Brother: Valerian Ironwort

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Older brother. Bookish, diligent, down-to-earth. Magical of the dark.

Sister: Camelia Ironwort

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Younger sister. Cheerful, naive, lively. Magical of the light.

Aunt: Holly Breen

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Exuberant, headstrong, proud. Magical of the light. Works in a tea room with her sister.

Uncle: Basil Ironwort

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Sociable, creative, eloquent. A musician, pianist. Magical of the dark.

🌷 House:

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The Ironwort family lives in a old house in the outer part of the village near the ocean.
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Living room
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Myrtus' room

🌷 Some more things about him:

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Eats a lot of sweets, cherries are his favorite fruit, learned how to read music and play the piano from his uncle. Wants to be a naturalist. Loves animals and owns a cat named Bisquit.

🌷 Romantic interest:

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Alisso Larkspur

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