NAME:Ara Seo
Stage name:Aria
Alias:ari,unnie,stupidaria,bakaria,noona,daddy,wife(this one by katy)
Group:Angels(debut 8 January 2014)
Position:leader,lead vocal,lead dancer,rapper(sometimes)dad of the group
Age:16 at the debut,21 now
Birthday:17 July 1998
Birthplace:Chicago,Illinois,United States
Labels:SM entertainment
Blood type:B
Zodiac Sign:cancer


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black fringe hair and eyes,squishy face and also she wear glasses and conctact lenses


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she is the dumbest person in the world,she does not really like skinship like hugs and kisses but she really tries for her members and fans,she makes worst bad puns and she get frustrated easily.


-she trained at SM for 5 years
-she is the oldest
-she went to korea when she was 10
-her older brother is Jhonny from NCT
-she is really attached at their maknae katy since these two share the same brain cell
-she loves pizza and starbucks more than anything
-she have a cat named Mia
-she can't cook
-she cringes at aegyo
-she have a contagious laugh
-the kind of girl you need to explain things three times before she finally understand
-her favorite color is pink
-she is afraid of everything litteraly everything
-Jhonny and Aria fashion evaluation
-Jaehyun of NCT is her bestfriend and she calls him oppa like she do with her brother
-hates cheese
-a lots of "oh my god"
-never get offended
-she is the dad of the group because she tries to take care of her members but they make fun oh her(especially Katy and Nami)
-she makes fun of the other too
-turns red very very easily
-married to katy and they have a macthing ring
-she can speaks english,korean and spanish
-usually she make the speeches
-she have a collab with Zico,Seulgi of RV and her brother
-she and katy says that they are both married to shawn mendes
-she is the biggest fan of Backstreet boys,Britney Spears,Ed Sheeran,Lady Gaga,Shawn Mendes and Lana Del Rey and she and Katy went togther at every concert when they went to bilboard
-she is a very skilled hairstylist and she always does the hair for her members
-her roomate is Nami
-fans ships her with chanyeol of exo and jungwoo of NCT
-she makes vlive karaoke with Katy
-she is very conceited
-always looking herself in every glossy surface
-alaways wering lipstick
-Chenle of NCTdream and Samuel have a crush on her
-she have a crush on Jungkook of BTS


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red carpert/awards
Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and style image
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fashion, pink, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and pink image


since she debuted at SM she is really close to every group,especially NCT because of her brother

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jin(bts)jihyo(twice)solar(mamamoo)seungri(bigbang)chanyeol(exo)irene(red velvet)


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travelling,listen to music,write songs and pizza



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