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I hope you all are doing well. In this article I would like to share my Workout Routine.This Routine is specialsed on how to get an Hourglass Body Shape. I hope you all like it.

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We beginn with an short Warm Up:

- 20 sec Arm Swing
- 1 min In and Out Step
- 1 min Butt Kickers
- 1 min Jumping Jacks
- 45 sec High Knee

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After that we have the Workout Small Waist : 1 Circuit

- 45 sec Narrow Bridge
- 45 sec Leg Raises
- 45 sec Spider Plank
- 45 sec Mountain Climber
- 45 sec Up and Down Plank


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2. Circuit:

- 45 sec Russian Twists
- 45 sec Butterfly Crunch
- 45 secPlank with Hip Dips
- 45 sec Plank
- 45 sec Superman


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Last Circuit:

- 45 sec Groiners
- 45 sec Squat to Plank
- 45 sec Toe Touch
- 45 sec Plank Jacks
- 45 sec High Knee

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Stay Hydrated and eat properly!!!

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