The upside of pent up anger & frustration

I had a fight with my parents yesterday. I know for sure that they love me and I love them but over time I have realized a bad aspect of our bond.

Love doesnt always come with understanding

I know they love me for sure, probably the most in this whole wide world and they've got my back. But, they don't understand my ambitions in life. They don't understand that what they want me to achieve (read a safe & secure but boring job that I dislike) is completely different from what I want out of it. And so we fought & the atmpsphere was tensed. There were lot of things I wanted to say but couldn't because I didn't want to hurt them. My head was swarming with frustration, anger & doubt directed at myself & others. Frustration mostly on part of trying and failing to make them understand again & again & doubt & fear on my ability on achieveing my goal.I thought of writing it all down like they suggest in those self-help books.However, I just wasnt in the state to convert thoughts to words.

So, what did I do?
I went out for cycling in neighbourhood
And damn, it was one of the fastest & longest I have cycled in a while.

Even though I dont have any special interest or ability for cycling ,it calmed me down, cleared my mind & made me feel better ( probably thanks to endorphins) and I slept in peace . And in the morning, I again used all those fresh negative emotions in the gym and I achieved a lot more than what I usually do. And of course , the pride & joy that comes with a workout done right.

Anger is a strong emotion, and so is frustration & fear. While it is so damn easy to ignore and take positive moments to take for granted, negative times demand to be felt. They cannot be avoided & definitely can't be kept bottled up inside. But, they cannot be let out on your loved ones either.

Unleash all your cooped up anger, frustration , doubt & fear on workout. Walk,run,cycle,dance or do anything that break a sweat. Go full force. No need to hold back.The higher the level of anger or frustration, the better it is for your workout.

Of course, anger can't be a motivating factor in long run, but it could be relased in a productive way.

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Cover Photo by Kasper Rasmussen on Unsplash